Friday, 8 June 2012

Grammar schools in UK and getting into it.

The  most sort after education system in UK is that of getting into grammar schools. The very crucial year of education for parents and pupils is 11+ when students appear for 11 plus exam. 11 Plus exam preparations are started as early as year 3.
Grammar schools provide secondary education free of cost for age 11-15 years. The 11 plus exam is conducted after September every year. There are websites providing practice papers for English, Maths, Verbal reasoning, and Non Verbal Reasoning.
There various websites that provide practice papers for 11 plus exam. 11 plus exam sample paper/mock test are also easily available for various subjects.
There is this website that provide practice papers in 11 Plus Maths exam. The unique thing about this website is that it provides Topic wise practice in maths. It provides double level practice. First it has practice papers that has topic wise questions and then there are sample papers which give real 11 plus exam feel to students.